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Lavish Pigment

09-09-16 - 10-15-16 All day
Kai Lin Gallery
Address: 999 Brady Avenue NW, Suite 7 Atlanta, GA 30318

LAVISH PIGMENT is a four artist exhibition featuring Daniel Byrd, Tim Kent, Ashley L. Schick, and Donald Robson:

Daniel Byrd: In his inaugural exhibition, Daniel Byrd explores his passion for abstract expressionism and graffiti. Using large brushes, Byrd creates distinctive images that are wide and thin, loud and quiet, thick or transparent. The intention of this work is to encapsulate a sensation for the viewer to be enveloped by paint. This experience allows our mind to ponder each lavish layer as they dance across the surface of the canvas creating intense moments of color, mark and expression.
Tim Kent: Tim Kent has a deep respect for craftsmanship throughout his creation process. Each piece begins sculpturally through traditional canvas-building techniques to emphasize form and shape. Kent’s work allows the audience to visualize the environment as well as to consider how the surface of each plane, the edge and the interior of the canvas can all create an important avenue for discovery and uncovering. The volumes of canvas and its surrounding space are used as chiseling tools giving the viewer an understanding of the relationship between line, shadow, color, and form.
Ashley L Schick: Field Studies is the result of a 10 year studio practice of thinking in colors and layers. Patterns, textures and organic forms inspire Ashley L. Schick with each hand-cut, hand-assembled composition. Each piece is a study of place, time, and experience as if the viewer is walking through a forest. The path might be the same, but light, wildlife, weather, season, and inner monologues are different each time. These works explore world building, speculation, and immersion as vibrant descriptions of the mental interior. The imaginary worlds with fragments of nature and culture, monuments and experience, islands and explosions are made new and take on hybrid and ambiguous forms allowing stories to seep out for the viewers’ own interpretation.
Donald Robson: In this exhibition of works on paper, Don Robson explores his fascination with interconnectedness. The thread that connects history with painting, music with theater, the high and the low brow. Symbolism, analogy, and metaphor are key themes throughout his work and narrative story telling never seems too far away. Through carefully curated lines and color, Robson finds himself rewriting and combining familiar visual cues of folktale, human achievement, and recognized stories.