The Artifact Collective | Jodee Markers’ Debut Exhibition
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Jodee Markers’ Debut Exhibition

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Words by Bri Simpson

On Saturday, November 19, 2016, Jodee Markers, or simply Markers, held his debut solo art show. The event took place in the Castleberry Hill area, Atlanta’s historic art district, at Push Creatives studio. The solo showcase was part of an installment series for the collective known as Chinese Foode. The group is an all male ensemble of talented artists who have been leaving their mark on Atlanta’s creative scene for the past few years. Their work spans from street art, to realism portraits, tattoos, photography, and illustration.

Jodee’s style of art is marker illustration.  His subject reflects 90’s nostalgia, today’s hip hop culture, and character narratives. He often embeds himself into his work, adding a humorous and personal touch to each illustration.

Light and sincere with a unique vantage point, Markers has a handle of who he is as an artist and shows it beautifully. The way he balances out colorful backgrounds and depth with captivating characters in each piece draws the viewer into a world like no other. At his core, Jodee Markers is a young storyteller, sharing his tales of navigating through life as a creative.