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Hippy Potter’s Parallel Universe

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Words: Hippy Potter

 I’ve always wanted to pursue art ever since the first grade when my elementary school teacher got my first drawing scanned onto a plate. As I entered High School, I became more serious about it so my friends and I would meet up to compare our drawings, teach each other beginning Japanese and go to class. They inspired me to be better and to get better and I’m forever grateful for them. I am really passionate about dance and visual art, and I’m working on a way of connecting the two cohesively.


What inspired me to seek this path was realizing that growing up I had very slim pickings for African American superheroes; all I really knew was Static Shock, and the more I got into Japanese culture and art, I couldn’t even find a worthy “cosplay”, because nobody looked like me. “Goku, Yusuke, Naruto, Ichigo, Luffy, Yugi” were lighter than me and I felt that I couldn’t give them justice because of this unsaid template that every main protagonist had to be white. So in addition to breaking those stereotypes, I convey my creations with totally different skin tones from forest green, deep mauve and even shades of garnet.

Hippy Potter

The Potterverse AKA Podderverse, is developing even as I type this. I am working on an actual Intro publication, where you guys will get to see every character and read a little more about them. It’s targeted towards children, teens and young adults. My two most recent characters whom were the first to be developed were Kati Yate and Pwa, and they are keepers of the Podderverse. My characters have Swahili names so they aren’t Jane’s or John Does. Each name has significance to their role and story line.


I am a die-hard Sailor Moon fan and I’ve always thought that women, both fictional and in real life, had more options and choices. The overall aesthetics of women are so plentiful to me; you can never go wrong. I also believe that women should be portrayed in a beautiful light and the men are coming! The Podderverse won’t be all women.


My art creates a lane in my imagination that no one could govern, my art is an expression of myself, so I feel like it’s my own safe haven, no one could tell me how to make this or portray that, because the thoughts, the concepts, everything belongs to me.

At the beginning of last year, I made a promise to showcase my artwork more often and I kept that promise. It allowed me to grow. Growth is such a wonderful gift God gives us, and once you decide to let Him water you, nothing could stop you from blooming. I’ve had such wonderful opportunities because of this gift I have! I’ve had clients that range from Tia Mowry, all the way to small businesses like Dinner Table Doc.

The biggest challenge is controlling your work. Once you post your work to social media, even if you put your name on it, it’s never truly safe. As an independent artist, honest people should respect that and give the artist credit. Don’t expect freebies or free work -it’s insulting. I’m trying to live like you are so why do some people feel like it’s acceptable to short change independent artists and small businesses? But I have friends in the art community who look out for me.


Some of my favorite artists:

Renowned (Instagram): @DotNova, @actionbankhead, @markusprimelives @kingspiff_

Local : (Twitter)@buppletea_ & ohnoitsjermaine

How do you want to be remembered?

I always want my art to be vibrant, thought-provoking, empowering and inspiring.