The Artifact Collective | Creating Connections: A Word from Conceptual Photographer THISSET
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Creating Connections: A Word from Conceptual Photographer THISSET


Words by THISSET, Translated from Russian.

Hello, my name is Slava Semeniuta, AKA THISSET and I live in Sochi, Russia. I have a particular shooting style that does not fit most photography. I discovered my interest as a child when one of my friends brought me an Olympus camera. It has the option of macro photography and I enjoyed it very much because I was interested in insects and loved to consider various small objects through a magnifying glass. I saw this as something fantastic. Since then, I dreamed of bringing this world to life with my camera. I am very interested in space and life underwater. In space, there are many worlds unknown to mankind. I’m sure there is a planet with an atmosphere of neon and fluorescent mountains, seas and creatures. In my photos, there‚Äôs a lot of neon. This brings the viewer to those distant worlds that I frequently visit in dreams. I draw on my models with fluorescent markers, making them look like elegant and seductive aliens from the cosmos and sometimes I use Digital Art.

The main problem for me as a photographer is that many people want to see what they feel is familiar. My pictures are very bright with acidic colors and it seems to make people irritable. For this reason, I have to work on different specialties. I have experience in the work of graffiti and I also DJ. I like Dub Techno, the liquid funk of Drum n Bass, Ambient, IDM and Future Garage. I want to show people that the world is very diverse. I believe all creatures on earth are equally valuable, and each has its own unique mind. People should not consider themselves superior to other beings just because they do not understand them. If people remember me, I want them to remember me as a creature who wanted to explore the world and to show their point of view.