The Artifact Collective | The Artifact Radio – Episode 012 w/ Vonte Vendetta
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The Artifact Radio – Episode 012 w/ Vonte Vendetta

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Negium Beats x The Look of Love

Vonte Vendetta x The View (Freestyle)

Kage Otim (Prod. Lehvi) x Pineapple Pool Party (Sango Taught Me)

Thrice Groove x Hot Music

Planet Giza x Funky Kompa

Vonte Vendetta ft. K O T A x Feel Yourself

J-Louis x Looking Forward

Cousin Stizz x Fresh Prince

Kage Otim (Prod. Lehvi) x Bittersweet

Penthouse Penthouse x What You Sippin’ On

Vonte Vendetta (Prod. Thrice Groove) x Party People

SiR x The Bullet & The Gun (HMLT Edit)

Penthouse Penthouse x let me see that