The Artifact Collective | The Artifact Radio – Episode 010 w/ Hourglass
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The Artifact Radio – Episode 010 w/ Hourglass

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Kay Franklin – See How It Goes

BKLV x DVNGLEZ – Smoke a Sack

Wonya Love – Players Anthem

ANTHEM – Spanish Flyy

Sango – Agorinha

Thrice Groove – It Is What It Is

Vonte Vendetta – Party People (Prod. by Thrice Groove)

Hourglass x ANTHEM – Closer (Alex Isley Re-WERC)

Interview (11:53 – 22:34)

Danced Til Midnight & Tall Black Guy – Wheat Bread and Eggs

ANTHEM – Funkin 4 Jamaica

PeachtreeGirl – I Know You Want It (Instrumental)

India Shawn – Outer Limits (Jeremy//Avalon Re-WERC)

R.O.M. + Deffie – Knock

Monte Booker – new chapter

Byron the Aquarius – Phone Sex (Girl)

Danny! – P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) (Instrumental)

Carlos – Mais Feliz

Louie Lastic – Reactions

Branchez – Cuenta

Interview (31:24 – 41:40)

Byron the Aquarius – Deep in Love

ANTHEM – in the clouds (Instrumental)

JLBS – Toronto

RUFF DRAFT – lst dnce of the nght

All Cows Eat Grass – If We Dance

Chic Loren – Right Here

LeMieuX + Xavier BLK – Let You Go

Byron the Aquarius – stars and ShRoomz

Interview (46:32 – 55:22)

Everybody Loves the Sunshine (Machinedrum edit)

PeachtreeGirl – Blowin’ Nintendo Cartridges (Instrumental)

Abjo & JR Jarris – Golden Vibes

Jo Def – B Mine

Mikoteau (Mikkoh + Decoteau) – Swayzae

Tall Black Guy – Sexci Senhora

India Shawn – Know What I Want (Prod. by ANTHEM)